4 August 2013

Puff Puff - LaBelle's Special

All You Need!!

3 cups of self-raising flour

1/4 cup sugar (you can add more if you want but I like mine with less sugar) 

1 medium nutmeg (grated)

I sachet fast action dried yeast or I tablespoon dried yeast

Pinch of salt

450 ml  or 2 cups of warm water (measure out 3 tablespoons from the 2 cups. i.e. 2 cups minus 3 tablespoons to get the perfect water measurement)

1 tablespoon vanilla extract (optional)

Frying Oil for deep frying (its deep frying, so we need a lot)


  • Add all dry ingredients into a bowl {flour, nutmeg, yeast, sugar and salt}, set aside.Pour the measured water into a jug, add the vanilla extract and stir together.

  • Pour into the bowl of dry ingredients and mix with you hand until well combined (to ensure that your puff puff dough is perfect; write 8 on the dough using the dough; if it doesn't disappear immediately, then you are so on point but if it does, please add little flour}

  • Cover the bowl with a foil/cling film and cover again with a tea towel. Put in a warm place, I usually put mine in the oven {please do not turn it on oo!!!!!}. Leave it in there for at least 30 - 40 minutes that is, if you are in a rush. You can leave it as long as you want.
dough after an hour

  • In a wok/pot, add frying oil just a little above half of the wok/pot. Turn on the heat and allow to get hot (just like when you want to fry plantain/chin-chin/fish...) 

  • While the oil is heating up, bring out all you would need to stir and bring out the puff puff. 

sieve lined with kitchen tissue

  • Once the oil is heated, drop a sample in {I use my hand/fingers always}; just to see it the oil is hot enough. If the oil is not ready yet, please allow few more seconds but if it is, drop few more {don't drop too much in because it is going to suck oil}.

frying first batch

  • Fry until brown {turn them time and again so they brown evenly}. Turn down the heat or turn it off and drop in another batch, once they are all risen, turn up the heat. Repeat for the remaining puff dough. 

Enjoy with a class of milk/wine/juice, anything really!!

**I will try and make a very short video on how you can use you hand/finger to drop in the puff puff dough and get that perfect shape...**


  1. looks really yummy belle :)

  2. Hi! Love your blog! This looks so yummy i am thinking of trying it out tomorrow. Just one question tho, i have the "quick rise instant yeast" and was wondering if it is the same amount of yeast you put up (1 tablespoon) that i would use as well? Thanks!