10 December 2011

MOI-MOI with a TWIST: Just in time for Christmas!

Saturdays are days for special delicacies. Yesterday, I made Moi-Moi. My family loves them. Moving to the United Kingdom, I found it so hard to adapt to the fact that there are no grinding machine shades around, like we are used to in Nigeria and other African countries. The very first time I tried to blend the beans for moi moi; it wasn’t as smooth as I wanted. Then @Zitera advised me to look for beans powder (already grind beans in powder form). Stating that she noticed one of her friends used some stuff like that whilst she was holidaying here in the UK. I went straight on a rampage for it… and guess what! I found it. It was so good but not the way I really wanted my moi moi to come out – fresh, natural and tasty…

Now, I’ve come up with my own perfect way to get that delicious moi-moi ready… And as perfect as it could ever be…Moi Moi fit for the gods, so smooth, so fresh, so natural and so tasty…

Here are the requisites in the processing to the preparation of MOI-MOI GODDESSES.

  • Beans
  • Onions
  • 2 Knorr
  • Crayfish
  • 2 Tuna fish * I use tuna in sunflower oil*
  • Sunflower oil
  • Romero pepper a.k.a Tatashi
  • Ginger
  • Garlic
  • Pepper
  • Pinch of salt
  • Foil or small plastic container
  • Water


Soak the beans in a bowl with warm water.
After 5 minutes, drain the water and peel away the beans skin.
Rinse out the peeled skin totally
Soak the washed beans in hot water and leave for 4 hours.

**Note: if you are going to have the moi-moi for dinner, prepare the bean in mid-morning, so it would be soft enough to blend in other to get the smooth mixture**.

The amount of tuna fish you are going to use would depend very much on the quantity of moi moi you want.

romero pepper.

Blend the washed beans together with water, crayfish, onions, pepper, romero pepper, ginger and garlic.
Pour the blended mixture into a bowl
And add the oil from the tuna fish and additional 50 ml of sunflower oil.
Open the Knorr cubes, put them in on a small bowl plate and add hot water. Stir the cubes so as to melt entirely.
Stir in the cubes, the tuna fish, pinch of salt and water. * The mixture has to be a bit thick, not too thick and not to watery either*
Stir the entire mixture and check taste.
Pour in the mixture into each container or prepared foil

Cooking process

Cook in a medium pot, add 500mls of water
If you are using foil, use a smaller pot cover, as a base on the pot. It prevents the foil from burning or sticking to the pot.
For plastic containers, no need to protect the base of the pot.
Put in the containers and their contents.
Then cook for approximately 45 minutes.
Allow cooling before serving.

  • One medium Irish potato
  • Medium cucumber
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Sweet corn
  • Garden peas
  • Boiled Eggs
  • Carrots
  • Salad cream
  • Macaroni


Peel the potatoes and carrot, and then cut them in cubes.
Divide the cucumber into 2 and remove the seeds.
Remove the green back of one and leave the other half green
Dice the cucumber
In a steamer, put in the carrot, peas and sweet corn, allow to steam for 10 mins but remove the carrot at 5 mins.
In a small pot, boil the macaroni and potatoes until done and drain.
In a medium bowl, slice in the boiled eggs and put in all the ingredients. 
Serve with salad cream.

                                               He's the BOSS, always certifies before Mommy can blog.

Hope you try this one-day… I believe you would really love it. Your comments would be appreciated… THANKS… ENJOY!


  1. bibilicious! great job! cant wait for the isi ewu recipe! keep the spirit moving!

  2. Thanks, the collectible woman. the nkwobi recipe will be up next.

  3. I'm happy there are People like you on the web, sharing their know hows so that some of us can be able to enjoy some "soul food". Thanks for sharing and keep the fire burning :)

  4. Thank You, Pat. when are u coming again this side?

  5. Labelle, this looks yummy, will surely try this out.

  6. This is just great! You don't even know what you've done for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. :D