25 February 2012


Today was a very sunny day. I went about my normal Saturday shopping, In fact by the time I got back, I knew I have dropped a few pounds. Chei, I bought the ones on my list…the market! ...I just don’t know why I can’t stick to budgets.

Entering the house, my heart was full of unspeakable joy. Hubby has hovered, cleaned and arranged the whole house and had carried our little prince out with him for a walk. I dropped the carriage bags and I just screamed, God thank you for blessing me with this man. Yes, I am blessed!

After unpacking and arranging the foodstuffs, I thought I needed to make my man happy once he gets back. He called to say they would be staying longer that David is having fun. Then it hit me, boom! The best thing to make for him is puff puff with pepper. Yes!!! He loves it and he will wear smile like a garment all through today * wink *.

So here are the steps to making these puffs.

1.  In a bowl, sieve in 2¼ cups of flour, ½ cup of sugar, 1 teaspoon of yeast.

2.  Add 1 teaspoon of nutmeg

3.  Add 370 ml of warm water and mix until mixture is smooth and consistent.

4.  Cover the bowl with a foil and a kitchen towel and pop into an oven or an airtight cupboard. This causes the yeast to act fast.

5.  Allow for a about 30 – 45 mins or even an hour, depending on the type of yeast used

6.  After the time has elapsed, bring out the bowl and you will notice the mixture is kinda bubbly and is raised too. then cut in your pepper and turn the mixture.

7.  In a frying pot, you can use a deep pot pour in the oil.

8.  Allow the oil to heat up, scoop in small mixture for test frying – to know if the oil is hot enough.

9.  If the oil is hot hot, the scoop in bits by bit and allow to cook and brown. Please when you notice the oil is become too hot reduce the gas heat.

flour, sugar, nutmeg and yeast mixture
covered with foil

it should look like this after 45 mins

He loves eating it hot and I think that’s the best way to enjoy it.

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  1. Yipee after severaI attempts I was able 2 mek puff!Dancing alanta!My first was called *chIcken puffs*,d 2nd had whiskers~I have funny fweends!I took note of Bellas measurements&d last was entIcnly yummy!God bless Bella,I owe u dIs!xx

  2. Thank you, Aiphee. lol @ chicken puffs. happy u got it finally!

  3. Wow. Can't wait to try all ur recipes. U make cooking sound like fun. Maybe i'll come for some training. Keep it up dear.

    1. Thank you, Azom for your comments. It would be nice for you to come for training, I need students lol. Thank you.

  4. Please, i go with the first comment, mine actually looked like Mosa!!!!..Please what type oe cup did you use for the flour measurement. may be ib ml or Litre