5 March 2012

PLANTAIN PORRIDGE - The alternative

Unripe plantain porridge I would say is one of my favorites. I craved for it, so I decided I was going to prepare them. I went to the market to buy but it was nowhere to be found, chei. I was so bent on eating it that day, but trust me I had to improvise. I ended up buying yam, ripped plantain and white potatoes. So here is the alternative to unripe plantain porridge.


Yam – skin peeled     
Ripped plantain
Irish/white potatoes
1 Knorr cube {depends on the quantity one is cooking}
Baby spinach
Dried fish
Red oil


  • Peel the skins and cut into small cubes
  • In a pot, put in the cubed yam, potatoes and plantain {the potatoes help thicken the food and the plantain sweetens it}
  • Add water {not much water, just a little below the yam level}
  • Turn on the gas and cover the pot with its lid
  • Blend the onions, pepper and crayfish together with little water; pour the blended mix into the pot
  • Wash the dry fish with salt, remove the bones and then add into the pot
  • Add a cube of Knorr and pinch of salt
  • Pour in the red oil about 120mls or more depending on the quantity of the yam
  • Then finally cut in the onions
  • Allow cooking for about 10 mins
  • Check if the yam cooked by piercing through with a knife
  • Once done, constantly turn to porridge {this helps to kind of mash the potatoes thereby thickening the porridge}
  • Allow cooking for a minute, then turn…
  • Once you are satisfy with the thickness, turn off the gas
  • Add the spinach
  • And serve.

Yam porridge can be boring, this is just the best way to prepare and sweeten it a little bit. **smiles**

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