1. Hi,

    We have noticed that you have great recipe posts on your blog site and would like to give you the opportunity to share them with the world!

    MyTaste is one of the largest food blog communities today, present in over 40 countries. We send thousands of visitors to our registered blogs and sites on a weekly basis and would be delighted if you chose to join us.

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    Site Manager
    Rina Hatano

    1. Thank you but am not interested...I just blog for pleasure

  2. Hello,

    I love your site.
    The imagery is simply amazing and food looks so appetizing.
    Well done!
    I would be honoured if you can contribute guest posts for our food section that is coming up on the 1st of February 2014.
    There is no food section on, this is because I have not had time to create content.
    I would love for you to contribute your latest recipes for all members of the family.
    I would love to start the food section with at least 5 posts.
    All posts you contribute will have links to your site.
    Kindly reply this email as soon as you can.

    Warmest regards

    Anike Lawal

    1. Thank you, Lawal. If you've noticed, most of my recent posts are just pictures. I haven't got time to even write recipes for my fans and if i did have time, it looks like I would be doing all the job for you. Sorry to disappoint ...