24 March 2012



I like making and eating light breakfasts but today, I decided to prepare a heavy but healthy one. After eating this, just go back to bed and sleep away – that’s the idea!
This sandwich is pretty simple and easy to prepare. Doesn’t take much time as well.


Beetroot and young leaves mix
Mayonnaise/ ketchup  
Farmhouse bread or any other bread
Garlic granules
Knorr aromat
Sunflower/olive oil


Sprinkle the garlic granules and the knorr aromat on both sides of the beefsteak. Pat the beefsteak with your fingers so the spices stick in. Drizzle sunflower or olive oil on the beef.

Heat up a grill pan or frying pan. It has to be really hot, then put in the beef. Fry for 4 minutes on both sides or until the beef is brown and completely cooked. Remove from the pan and set aside.

Using kitchen tissue, wipe clean the grill pan. Slice the bread into the sizes you want – thick/thin. Drizzle oil on one side of each slice. Allow the grill pan to heat up, and then place oiled side of the bread on the pan. Grill until tanned and toasted. Do it for the other sides.

On one slice, spread mayonnaise/ketchup, then put the pan grilled steak, onions, veg/beetroot and sliced tomatoes, top-up with mayonnaise/ketchup. On the other slice, spread butter on it and cover the break.  Yess! That is it really. Munch away. 


The sweetness of the beetroot and onions and the crunchy bites, is just heaven. In fact, I don’t know how to describe this really.

Hope you try this!

Thanks for coming around, again!

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