23 December 2011


Birthday cake baked by mi
23rd of December a very pleasant day in the month of December; two days to the most magnificent celebration in a child’s life – Christmas is the best celebration for children. Today the 23rd, is my Boss man’s birthday.  

He usually say “Those born on this day were created with so much intelligence” and I believe him because he is just the best. I love this day too, because his birthday kind of ushers the merriment of the season.  It is not a mistake that the greatest man that ever-lived on earth was born on December 25.

This is a period of extreme happiness, enjoyment and sharing.  So I will be sharing with you the things I prepared for this special day. I would be availing the recipe on my next post.


Straight from the Oven

In the Making

Lamb shoulder getting ready to be popped into the oven
Roasted Lamb shoulder

Crab and Crayfish Ravioli
Curry goat Pasta

A friend of mine that came around, asked how I manage to do these; my answer was, I just love cooking and I manage my time so well. God also blessed me with a man that doesn’t eat out, its kind of a motivational factor.  

I will be baking tuna fish pie tomorrow. Hopefully, I will be blogging soon for recipes.

Thank you for visiting.
Stay blessed and happy Xmas in advance.

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