2 December 2011

Grilled Chicken Thighs served with Salad!

Juggling school and family life is like trying to juggle two bags of cement all on your own. One of my friends in school said the other day, "It feels like I'm ignoring my hubby and kids. I don't even cook for them anymore...that's so bad school work has affected our lives! My new best friend is my PC...so much course work! In fact Belle, any day you don't see me in school, just know that I finally quit school".

I've refused to let the stress interfere with my giving quality attention to my man and his stomach. The way to a man's heart is through his stomach after all! So I came up with this plan of stocking as many chicken thighs as possible, spiced and left in the fridge over night to marinate after which I pack them, as I want to use and preserved up in the freezer. It really comes in handy especially when an unexpected friend pops in to visit…

                               Here's my recipe for spicing the thighs, and the salad that goes with it. 


Meat seasoning

Chicken                                                   Bristol salad {from Iceland or Lidl}
Beef                                                         Avocado
Knorr                                                       Cherry tomatoes
Salt                                                          Carrots
Ginger                                                     Cucumber
Lemon or vinegar

The seasoning process.

  • Remove the skin of the back of the chicken
  • In a bowl, put in the meat, be it chicken or beef
  • Add the Knorr, curries, a pinch of salt, ginger, fingers of garlic, squeeze in quarter of a medium lemon and thyme
  • Massage the spices into the chicken
  • Put in the spiced protein into a freezer bag
  • Put in the fridge to leave to marinate for 2hrs
  • for the steak...fry with little olive oil and butter until browned
If you want to grill immediately, that’s fine. It’s up to you how you want it.  I usually freeze them and bring out the portion I will be using about 4 hrs before I use them so as to defrost.

For the Salad

  • Empty the Bristol salad into a bowl
  • Grate in your carrots
  • Cut the cucumber and avocado and chunk into the bowl
  • Wash the cherry tomatoes and add in
    Mix together and serve with any cream of your choice. I love my salad cream.

                                                       Made this for my friend and her son.
                                                                     Shiela and her Son
                                                     Made this specially for him...Lazy friday.


  1. I guess it's about time to come for a visit too. Thanks for sharing