19 April 2012



Goat meat/cow meat/cow leg/ Chicken (a little bit of every)
Trips (towel or sharki)
Ede (cocoyam)
Bitter leaves
Red oil
Knorr cubes
Onion (sliced)


Add the cow leg and stockfish in a pressure pot, season with 2 cubes of knorr seasoning and cook for 15 minutes. Once done, take off the bones  and set aside.

In a medium pot, add the trips, season with 2 knorr cubes, teaspoon of salt, then add onions and sufficient amount of water, a little above the meat level. 

Cook for 25mins, then add the other meats add 2 cubes of knorr again, turn the meats and allow cooking for about 15mins .  

Add the cooked cow leg and stockfish. Wash the dry fish and set aside.

While the meats are cooking, boil the Ede (cocoyam) until done (use a knife to check or press with your fingers). 

Sieve and rinse with cold water. Peel off the skin and blend in the blender – add water while blending, this makes it easier or if you are using food processor, no need to add water.

Pour in the blended cocoyam into the meat pot and turn. Wash crayfish and pepper and blend but add water while blending – this helps take out all the remaining cocoyam. Please don’t put to much water, so that the soup doesn’t come out watery.

Add dry fish, then add a little bit of red oil like a cup  but this depends on the quantity of the soup;  turn  and taste.

If you are not satisfied with the taste, please add a little  knorr seasoning cube as need be. 

Cover and allow boiling for about 5 to 10 minutes checking the soup every two minutes.

Once the cocoyam has completely dissolved, add the Bitterleaves. Do not cover the pot at this point and turn down the gas to its lowest.

** Please remember, don’t put too much water, so it stays thick **. 
Allow cooking until ingredients are mixed together and the soup is thick enough.

Please do not cook for too long, manage the cooking very well, once the soup is thick enough for your liking and meat is well done – then the soup is ready.

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